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Featured Waxhaw Restaurants

Domino's Pizza

Waxhaw, NC

(704) 843-3566 

Burger King.

Waxhaw, NC

(704) 243-1397 

Papa John's Pizza

Waxhaw, NC

(704) 843-1145 

The Rock Store Waxhaw

Waxhaw, NC

(704) 243-0210 

Rippington's Restauran

Waxhaw, NC

(704) 843-4806 

SUBWAY® Restaurants

Waxhaw, NC

(704) 243-3692 

Bojangles' Famous Chic

Waxhaw, NC

(704) 243-1554 

Maxwell's Tavern

Waxhaw, NC

(704) 843-2773 

Trattoria Antica

Waxhaw, NC

(704) 243-0633 

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